Our Cross to Bear

I was deeply moved to write a post today, Good Friday, due to some beautiful words I read today from my girl Lindsey at Arms High, Heart Abandoned.  Thanks love! 🙂

Many of you know, or have at least figured out by now, that I am very strong in my faith and it is something that, in the past few years has really become a much bigger part of my daily life.  What some of you may not know is how much Good Friday changed my life and my faith a few years ago. Well, not the actual day itself, but the message that it brings to us.

In my junior year of college, I went on a retreat in which each night represented a day of the Easter Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday).

The second night, we had Veneration of the Cross.  Being still so “young” in my faith, I didn’t really know what this was, and as I sat there listening to our priest, and watching others take their time to pray and kiss the wood of the Cross, I wasn’t sure I was ready to do something like that.

I wasn’t ready to fully realize that Christ died for us–to save us, and out of extraordinary love for us. And that all of us included me as well. He bore a cross; a heavy burden in every sense of the word, so that we may live the life His Father planned for us. As I sat reflecting and praying, this amazing feeling began to wash over me. To this day, the only way I can describe it is a feeling of understanding; and in the moment, I got up and knelt down at the cross, kissed the wood, and let all my emotion come pouring out.

I firmly believe that moment was the beginning of my faith story.  In that moment, I began to understand. I understood why the Father gave Jesus His cross to bear, and why He obeyed, even in the times of betrayal, pain, and ultimate darkness.

With that understanding, I began to see the purpose for the Crosses I’ve been asked to bear in my own life. Though there are times (still every day–no one is perfect!) when I question, and times when it seems like it’s just becoming too much, I know that there is someone who has gone through this too; Jesus. That can bring tremendous comfort if you let it.

We are asked to bear Cross as He did. Each one of us knows what our own personal Cross is and how it impacts our life. Yet, while it is an individual journey, we are made to remember that we are not alone. Jesus is right there with us, to help us carry our Cross when it becomes too much. Because that’s How He Loves.