If you like what I have to say…

As an addition to this blog, I’ve decided to put together a sort of informal resources page for anyone who stops by the blog. It is my hope to keep this continually updated with other blogs, websites, videos, etc. that have inspired me or that I think readers of my blog might be interested in.

Fellow Bloggers and Their Blogs

Ellen @ Love That Max

Sarah @ Stand Tall Through Everything

Melissa @ Don’t Point Out the Obvious

Jen @ Marvelously Comical

Chase @ The CHASE Project

Lindsey @ Arms High, Heart Abandoned

CrossFit Faith @ CrossFit Faith

Websites and Links

Columbia CrossFit 

Camp Care

The Roll Call created by Sarah (listed above!)

Nike (Yes, I’m serious. I swear by their Free running shoes, but am in no way paid to endorse them. I only wish I was!)


American Psychological Association

The Happiness Institute

Free Rice


Meet Sadie

Camp Care Bootcamp

What’s Your Dream?: The Power of Persistence

Max Schletter: CrossFitter

The Race

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