Welcome Back!

A quick post to welcome myself (and all of you!) back to my blog! It’s been quite a while, and boy has life been moving! You’ll see in the upcoming posts glimpses of that, but before I get there I just wanted to say hi and thanks for continuing to stick by me and my writing, even when it’s not the most consistent.

A few quick updates:

-The last post I wrote about the quest for walker wheels: thankfully, Kaye Products was GREAT at getting back to me and I have been using a newer, stronger set of wheels they are piloting for a few months now, which are proving to be a near perfect match!

-I’m officially done with Grad School!! Happy dance!! I have my Masters in Professional and Rehabilitation Counseling and am a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.  Now comes the job search…

-I am still teaching the Fitness Rehab Movement and LOVING it!! I have about 8 people in class weekly who are so dedicated and truly love the doors the program is opening for them. That’s what it’s all about right? I also subbed my first group cycle class this week (on some very short notice) and it went amazing! Truly an inexplicable connection between mind, body and bike for me. I love the way my fitness instructor career is shaping up…it is a blessing to consider it a career, no matter how small right now, and I cannot wait to keep adding to it! But more on that soon… 😉


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