Quote It

I know I said I’d post after my AFAA certification workshop, and I intended to, until WordPress didn’t save my post! So now I’ve decided that since it’s already heading toward 3 weeks post, I’m going to wait until I get the official letter in the mail before I say anything. Don’t want to jinx it!! 🙂

For now, I came across this awesome quote on a friend’s Facebook page and couldn’t help but share it here. It is so true, and makes me hopeful that more people will start to see things from this perspective.

“Beautiful women are strong and powerful. They are athletes, capable of every feat under the sun. They have muscles born of hard work and sweat. They gauge their self-worth through accomplishments, not by the numbers on the bathroom scale. They understand that muscle weighs more than fat and they love the fact that designer jeans don’t fit over their well developed quads.  Beautiful women don’t care if they’re soaked in sweat and covered in dirt, if their nails are chipped or their hair out of place.  They care only about quality of life.  Beautiful women are happy, healthy, and strong, and they’re right there beside me, tossing conventional beauty on the ever-growing flames of what used to be. Be beautiful.” -John Gilson


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