Make A Difference Monday: The World Needs More of This

This morning I got a text message from a family member telling me to check out an article on the front page of the Hartford Courant.  I don’t get the paper at my house and just got the chance to check out the article, but as soon as I did, I knew I needed to get on here and tell everyone about this amazing and inspiring story.

In case you’re not the reading type (except for my blog of course!) here’s the gist: At age 15, CT resident Micaela Connery didn’t get picked for a part in her school play.  She wasn’t sure why, but decided she would instead start her own independent production at her school.  She also noticed that there were never any students with disabilities involved in school plays or activities, and decided she was going to do something about it! And so Unified Theater was born. The program is a truly inclusive theater program in the Hartford, CT area, which brings together children and young adults with and without disabilities to put on productions.

Micaela’s program is expanding all over the country from CT and CA. Amazing, right?! I thought so too! If you are a parent of a child with special needs, check to see if there is a program in your area. They also offer program training to anyone interested in bringing Unified Theater to their neck of the woods–I’m definitely thinking about it. 

And all of this start when a 15-year-old girl, now 25, turned one road block in her high-school years into an inspiring and life changing program for kids. The world needs more people like Micaela. So to all my 20 something friends reading this: don’t doubt that we can, and we will, do our part to make a change too. 🙂


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