CP Awareness Day

Hello again! Two posts in two days, who am I?! I couldn’t not write something today since it is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day…

First, if you’re interested in reading some other awesome blogs about amazing children and adults with CP, please check out The Roll Call created by Sarah a few months ago.

Second, I wasn’t really sure what to write for today. I didn’t want to bore everyone with statistics because we can all look those up on our own. At the same time, I didn’t really have a specific “CP story” I felt compelled to share today in particular. So, this is what I came up with…

Cerebral Palsy, for me, has never meant much. Not to say it hasn’t affected me, clearly it has, but the term itself has never meant much. CP is what doctors call an “umbrella term”; it can be classified in different ways based on how it affects a person, but the term itself doesn’t really mean anything. At least not in the traditional way that most diagnoses do.  I’ve come to realize this more and more over the past few months.

I have no stories, no real words of wisdom tonight…but I will say that Cerebral Palsy for me has become defined by the things I do in spite of it and, in some ways, thanks to it. I have chosen to create my own definition to the best of my ability every morning when I wake up. Not the other way around.


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