Racing Ramblings…

There’s “Music Monday”, there’s “Make a Difference Monday”…all of these usually lead to some pretty great posts with new songs and new causes, but today all I have is a Monday post. It’s been a while–my apologies! School took over for the month, and I can’t say I’ve had anything life altering to post for you all. Which, I suppose, could be a good thing.

I’m really excited for the upcoming months. March boasts my 5th Elton John concert with my dad, Spring Break (not going anywhere, but can’t wait for the mental vacation) and of course the 4th Annual Pedal for a Purpose!

Add in there that I might be participating in my first race of the season on the 19th, and I’m one happy girl. I stress the might because it all depends on weather/road conditions/my body. Either way though, it’s coming! I sat down on Saturday and picked out a race a month (tentatively) from March-October. Right now, everything is local with the exception of the LIVESTRONG Challenge Philly in August. This race has been on my radar since 2008, and I think this might be the year. I’m not sure that a race a month will physically and logistically work out, but I’m going to try my hardest.

I miss everything about having a solid workout regimen since moving back home after college, and having the races in the back of my mind will hopefully give me some added motivation.  Speaking of motivation, it was lacking for about a week, but it’s back again. I think I had been going so strong since right before Christmas with the working out and everything that I just needed a break before I hit serious burn out.

Having taken a week off or so has left me with a question…and I thought I’d pose it to all of my readers, not just those with special needs or parents, but anyone. After taking about 6 days off from stretching an hour a day, I am extremely tight (particularly hamstrings) and kind of feel like I am starting back at the beginning. I know that I will get everythiing back now that I’ve started again, but it just seemed fast.

So I guess my question is: is that normal, when you take a week off, to feel like you’ve lost ground that quickly? Do any of my reader’s know if CP makes the tightness happen quicker(or something)? Or is this something that everyone who works out, stretches, etc. goes through and I just don’t know because I’ve spent most of my life NOT doing those things? 🙂

Thanks for checking in, Happy Monday!


One thought on “Racing Ramblings…

  1. I heard that missing one week of exercise sets you back 3 weeks. That’s for everyone. I’m assuming things may be slightly different with CP, but there’s a benchmark for you.

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