Racing Ramblings…

There’s “Music Monday”, there’s “Make a Difference Monday”…all of these usually lead to some pretty great posts with new songs and new causes, but today all I have is a Monday post. It’s been a while–my apologies! School took over for the month, and I can’t say I’ve had anything life altering to post for you all. Which, I suppose, could be a good thing.

I’m really excited for the upcoming months. March boasts my 5th Elton John concert with my dad, Spring Break (not going anywhere, but can’t wait for the mental vacation) and of course the 4th Annual Pedal for a Purpose!

Add in there that I might be participating in my first race of the season on the 19th, and I’m one happy girl. I stress the might because it all depends on weather/road conditions/my body. Either way though, it’s coming! I sat down on Saturday and picked out a race a month (tentatively) from March-October. Right now, everything is local with the exception of the LIVESTRONG Challenge Philly in August. This race has been on my radar since 2008, and I think this might be the year. I’m not sure that a race a month will physically and logistically work out, but I’m going to try my hardest.

I miss everything about having a solid workout regimen since moving back home after college, and having the races in the back of my mind will hopefully give me some added motivation.  Speaking of motivation, it was lacking for about a week, but it’s back again. I think I had been going so strong since right before Christmas with the working out and everything that I just needed a break before I hit serious burn out.

Having taken a week off or so has left me with a question…and I thought I’d pose it to all of my readers, not just those with special needs or parents, but anyone. After taking about 6 days off from stretching an hour a day, I am extremely tight (particularly hamstrings) and kind of feel like I am starting back at the beginning. I know that I will get everythiing back now that I’ve started again, but it just seemed fast.

So I guess my question is: is that normal, when you take a week off, to feel like you’ve lost ground that quickly? Do any of my reader’s know if CP makes the tightness happen quicker(or something)? Or is this something that everyone who works out, stretches, etc. goes through and I just don’t know because I’ve spent most of my life NOT doing those things? 🙂

Thanks for checking in, Happy Monday!

Make A Difference Monday

A fellow blogger I’ve often talked about, Sarah, occasionally writes “Make A Difference Monday” posts. From what I’ve seen, these posts are generally about some cause, organization, or individual that is doing something to…make a difference! 🙂

An event near and dear to my heart is coming up, so I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve often blogged about what Spinning means to me and how something as “simple”–though the class itself is anything but–as a group exercise class, completely changed my life almost 4 years ago. For those of you that have never read it, please read my post about Spinning here.

Four years ago, the gym I belong to started a charity event called Pedal for a Purpose. The event was a 5 hour spin-athon to benefit various causes important to both the members/staff of the gym, as well as the pediatric physical therapy clinic it is joined with. The first year: Spinal muscular Atrophy (SMA) CT Chapter. The second year: United Cerebral Palsy CT Chapter (and yes, I cried my way through the entire day for so many reasons I don’t have the energy to get into tonight). The Third Year: Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation CT Chapter.

This year: National Multiple Sclerosis Society CT Chapter/Team Jenifer. I don’t know that I would normally publish something like this on the blog, but with this cause I really could not pass up the opportunity. Not only is this cause so important for because of the number of people diagnosed with MS in the state (and country), but Team Jenifer honors one of our own.

Jen is one of the gym members I first met when I joined and also one of the Spin instructors. She also happens to be diagnosed with MS. Jen is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, and her and I instantly connected because of what our passion for spinning truly means to us as people who have a little extra challenge to overcome getting on the bike everyday. She inspires me in more ways than I can even begin to express, and I am so honored to be riding for her (and more importantly WITH her!!) for this event! In fact, she is so loved by all of us, that they had to add an extra hour in to make sure everyone got a chance to ride! She has already made a huge difference in my life, and continues to make a difference in the lives of all she meets, befriends, and rides with! Jen is someone who constantly reminds us of the importance of HOPE and the strength of the human spirit.

Riders get sponsorships for each minute they are on the bike (rides are 50 minutes in length) and all money raised goes to the CT chapter as well as Team Jenifer! As I’ve said, for more reasons than one, this event is so close to my heart and I couldn’t help but share with all of you who have also become close to my heart.

Pedal for a Purpose will take place on Sunday, March 27, 2011 from 8am-4pm.

If you’d like more info on this event, how to get involved, or how to donate please visit: Team Jenifer, Cheshire Fitness for Women, or contact me via comments and I will e-mail you back!

Thanks for your continued support everyone! 🙂

His Love through the earbuds

Today was a day filled with a whole lot of nothing. I worked from home this morning because my dad had to go into work, then I didn’t have much motivation to do anything else. I did work out a little bit this morning and plan to fit in one more later on tonight, but that’s really it. A whole lot of nothing…except thinking, which is something.

I spent far too much time YouTubing concert videos and listening to songs that I haven’t heard in a while. One of the concerts I searched was the Casting Crowns concert I attended last February with some friends from school. For those of you who don’t know, Casting Crowns is an awesome Christian band that I fell in love with the first time I heard this song. This concert was one of the most amazing musical, emotional, and spiritual experiences I have ever had (and I’m longing to experience something like it again soon)! There was something truly awe-inspiring about being in a huge, sold out concert arena where people are singing along and having their own (public) private prayer conversations the entire night, to music in its most pure form.  

The more songs I listened to, the more I started thinking. And even praying in my own way. There are phases that I go through where all I want to listen to is Christian music. I have a playlist on my iPod with something like 300 songs on it. When I get those feelings within me, I know that–for one reason or anotther–I am being reminded to come back to my faith, to take some time out, and to really think, reflect, and pray. Even when, sometimes, I might not feel like I have wandered away.

For me, the music is a beautiful portrayal of God’s love and His grace and gifts that he gives each of us. There are some songs that I might not have chosen to listen to on a particular day, but shuffle puts them right into my ears, and into my heart. Who says God doesn’t work through music? 🙂 

That’s what today’s supposed “nothingness” has reminded me. That I need to take some QT with my playlist, my journal, my Bible, and my Father; gladly.

A Warm Welcome

To all my wonderful readers:

I have someone new to welcome to the blogging community. One of my best college, and for life, friends has started a blog. She is Lindsey over at Arms High, Heart Abandoned. Lindsey recently started this blog and, in her words, it is a blog about “the writings of a Roman Catholic girl trying to live her faith in this world”.

Lindsey is an amazing woman of Faith and I cannot wait to see, and read, more of what she encounters. So, if this interests you at all, you’re looking to expand your blogroll, or just looking for something new to read, stop by and and see what life is like from someone else’s perspective! 🙂

Thank You!!

Hi everyone! Just a quick post tonight to say thank you to all my amazing friends, family, and readers out there! As of today, this blog has officially surpassed the 1,000 visitors mark. I’ve never been too concerned with the traffic coming through my blog. I just write it for the joy it brings me and for the hope that my words will inspire or comfort someone else. There was something about seeing that number today though, and I just needed to thank each of you. Love & God bless.