Assistive technology

Just a quick post tonight because I’m exhausted and need to rest up for my date with Harry, Ron, and Hermione (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One for anyone who might be living under a rock…sorry, but it’s true!) in 12 hours! It’s actually really sad that this era is officially going to be coming to a close soon. ūüė¶

Anyway, tonight we went on a field trip to the New England Assistive Technology (NEAT) Center for my Rehabilitation class. The center deals with all sorts of assistive technology; from car and home modifications, to wheelchairs/walkers/crutches, to high tech stuff like computer mouses (mice?) controlled by your feet and A LOT of apps on the i-pad and i-touch for speech, voice recognition, etc.

One of the¬†technologies we got to talk a lot about and play with was the new¬†Proloquo2go¬†app for the i-pad. This is a¬†augmentive communication app¬†that can say a variety of things just by a person touching a picture or word. Sorry, that was an incredibly simplistic¬†way of describing that, but hopefully you get it. I was SO SO¬†SO excited to hear the women at the center talk about this app because it’s something that Ellen over at Love That Max, who I’ve blogged about as being one of my blogging idols, has¬†talked about.¬† NOTE: the other idol being my cousin, friend, and all around amazing human, Jen¬†at Marvelously Comical. Check her out too! You won’t be disappointed! If you read this, sorry, I had to! ūüôā )¬† Anyway, back to the app. I’ve seen videos of¬†Ellen’s¬†son Max using it to communicate¬†a thought and get so excited over doing so! ūüôā It was a really cool moment, for lack of a better world, to tie tonight back to something from my blog family.¬†You can check out a video of¬†Max using his i-pad here and here! Pretty sure you’d be hard¬†pressed to find someone not smiling after watching this!!¬†

It’s so amazing and inspiring to see all the new technologies that are coming out for kids and adults with special needs! They are all so useful in daily life, and also in encouraging development of new skills and abilities.


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