I’m baaack

It’s been too long since a “real” post on this lovely blog. We can all thank Pneumonia for that. It’s been reallly fun. Note the sarcasm there I hope.

What’s going on lately? School. Times one hundred. I have so many papers and projects due in the next few weeks, I’m thinking my head might explode. I’m trying to check them off of my to do list one at a time though. Then one semester of grad school will be over and I’ll be a happy camper. I’m still waiting to hear back about the grant at school, but the interview went REALLY well and I’ll probably hear by Monday. Fingers crossed, blog people!

This whole being sick and then finding out it was Pneumonia thing has really put a huge damper on my fitness situation. I’m just now starting to be functional (read not wanting to sleep 24/7) and need to get back at it. I’ve definitely kept up my stretching committments, just not much more than that. I guess that’s at least something though. I realized that, because I’ve been sick, I probably won’t be doing anymore 5ks this season, 😦 cue the violins. The last one I wanted to do is on November 20th and I just don’t think I’ll be ready for that. There is one more on December 5th, so maybe I can sqeak one last on in depending on weather and what my PT thinks. I hate asking opinions, but in this case I probably should.

If those don’t work out, I have something really exciting coming up anyway! My cousin Claudia and I will be competing in an indoor triathlon on January 15th. The way they’re run is pretty interesting. Whoever can rack up the most mileage within a 10 minute lap swim, 20 minute run, and 30 minute (spin) bike; then that mileage is converted to points. We’re splitting up the legs so, Claudia is doing the run, I’m doing the bike, and we still need someone to do the swim. Any takers?!?! Bonus, it’s for an awesome cause! The Stroup Kids for Kids Epilepsy Foundation.

I need to get my butt back on the bike though! It’s been so long since a spin class. 😦 I’m thinking of bringing my spin bike in from the garage for the winter (yeah, I’m sure my parents will LOVE that one!) because I never go out and ride it and the class times just aren’t working for me this semester. I also have no idea what mileage I can pull in 30 minutes, so I should probably start testing that out with two months to go. Maybe 6 or 7? My goal would be 9 or so.

Alright, that was a completely pointless post. I should probably go be functional now. Or maybe go back to bed. Be back soon with something more fun to write about!

P.S. I’ve completely lost count of this days thing. Better luck next time?!

3 thoughts on “I’m baaack

  1. Hey Molly – I hope you feel better very soon. Pneumonia is tough. Sometimes it takes a while to recoup. Can’t wait for the holiday. Love you. Aunti

  2. I’ll swim. What time is it? I usually work Saturday mornings but I might be able to make an exception. I’m not that fast but I just started swimming at the Y and this will give me a reason to keep it up.

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