My next 30 days

I should be writing a paper right now, but my brain stopped functioning academically about 2 hours ago, so that’s out of the question. I still cannot stop thinking about the 5k last weekend, which got me thinking about my next one. No, it’s not scheduled yet, I’ll report it here first (or close to first) as soon as I decide.

What I was thinking about more is this deal I made the night of the Columbia Road Race with a friend.  We both have goals and things that we need to go after and give ourselves a shot at; something neither of us have really been committing to, because the motivation isn’t always easy to find.  We decided starting last Monday all that was going to change.  I couldn’t move for the first two days, so my goals were strictly stretching, and then on the third day, I did a quarter mile run. At running pace. I’m not just calling it a run for dramatic purposes. 🙂 Then, I quit. The pattern continues.

Tonight I started thinking about committment and accountability. I am currently accountable to myself and someone else because of this deal, but is that enough? It’s going to have to be. I’ve kept up with so many other things before, I can’t let whatever mental block is going on with me stop this. Let’s look back….I have barely used my walker since April 23rd. That all started on a 30 day “dare”! Why can’t that happen again? 

So I started again today.  I decided to keep myself even more accountable, I’m going to make this a 30 days of blogging too. My own little version of 30 days of truth that’s so popular here in the blog world. Some days I may post about what I worked on for the day, some days it may be something completely unrelated–who knows!! I just figured it’d be fun! 

Either way, I’m itching to do another race before it gets too cold, and I’ve got to get going!! 🙂 I’ve officially caught the endurance bug.

Thanks for checking in again! I appreciate it!


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