Intelligence: it’s not just academic…

Today is Blogging Against Disablism Day 2010. For those of you who follow my blog that may not know what this day is, or what disablism is (mainly, well, all of you!):

BADD is a day where those of us who have disabilities or have family members with disabilities come together to blog about our situations and some of the different issues we have faced regarding Disablism. Disablism is really any topic having to do with disability discrimnation, or treating children and adults with disabilities different in a positive or negative matter because of their disability.

Having had Cerebral Palsy since birth, I’ve obviously grown up with situations that weren’t always ideal in regards to my disability. There were some instances when I could not partake in certain activities that my peers were taking part in or when I had to take more time to do certain things that might have come easily to others. However, despite all these difficulties and obstacles, my life up through this very day has been nothing short of amazing. Thanks to so many wonder family, friends, and therapists I have gotten to do so many wonderful things with my life…including attend an amazing university (from which I will be graduating in 15 days. AHHH!!) The education I’ve recieived has greatly impacted so many areas of my life, and has expanded my intelligence.

There is a different kind of intelligence that I’d like to talk about though. Some call it common sense, some call it generousity. Me? I call it LIFE intelligence.

There have been so many times in my life when I’ve come into contact with individual who don’t only think I’m not intelligent, but act unintelligent themselves. This intelligence is simple. It comes in the form of holding a door open for a person with crutches, or hanging back with one of your friends because you know they aren’t quite speedy, while everyone gets to where they want to go at top speed, afraid of missing 5 minutes of life. This intelligence is not telling someone they cannot do something, but showing them a way to do it that they may nto be aware of. It’s telling a friend you are offering up your dance practices for them because you know dance is the one thing they love so much, but will probably never do.

I have been so blessed to meet many people who have developed this intelligence. Unfortunately though, I have also met many people who have not even the slightest idea that this type of intelligence even exists.

Tonight, 2 minutes before BADD 2010 comes to a close, I leave you with a question: Which type of person have you been to those with diabilities you have met?

4 thoughts on “Intelligence: it’s not just academic…

  1. THANK YOU! For writing this. For so long I have struggled with Postsecondary ed, knowing that I was smart in a different way. All the health issues and crises I've faced growing up with Spina Bifida have given me a wisdom and an outlook that HAS to be worth something!

  2. You're welcome for writing, although no thanks is necessary! Your wisdom and your knowledge that life has given you through these circumstances does count! I strongly believe it's what will carry us farther than any bit of academia.

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