Army Wives

For anyone that may need this today. I stumbled upon this from the show Army Wives in some of my saved quotes…

“Letting go. That’s what this is mostly about. First thing you’ve got to learn to let go of is worrying about stuff you can’t control. What happened, happened. So take a deep breath, this is your new reality. Whatever anger and frustration and…you know, you gotta let go of that too. There’s no reverse button on our lives. If there was, I would go back, I would do it different, but I can’t. That isn’t gonna be easy, cause your brain, it’s just gonna keep trying to steer you off course you know? Like some stubborn horse that don’t wanna stay on the trail? But the really important things, those get clearer in your head, I mean it. Whatever junk you thought you needed to make your life worthwhile, it goes away. Life gets a lot more basic. And a lot richer. It’s scary; I won’t tell you it isn’t. I mean, small changes can be scary and this ain’t small. It’s like you started out as one person and a thing like this—it changes you and this whole new person starts to form. But until you let go, you’ll never realize your full potential. So that’s it—all of us here in this room, we were given a special challenge. And what I have to keep believing is that special challenges allow for something special to float to the surface. Something that I may never have known about myself if this hadn’t of happened. So, it’s all about letting go of what could have been and only holding onto the things that really matter. Thanks for coming.”