Lately, The Fray (both of thier albums) has been the soundtrack of my life. Summer is a little more than halfway over and I’ve definitely dubbed it the summer of change. I hate change. Well, hate may be a strong word…nope, it’s not. After high school graduation, I could have been a millionaire if I had a dollar for everytime someone told me “Enjoy these years, because they’ll fly by.” I never believed them. Now, I’m staring down the barrel of my final year of undergrad, and I have no idea where the past 3 years went! I pretty much know (well, for now anyway) what I want to do with my life so, I know I’m not quite done with school yet, but still change is change. Families change, friends change, places change, plans change. And, I’m starting to realize, that I too must change.
Do you ever have that one person/place/thing in your life that you just can’t let go of? Because that may actually mean you’re accepting change? Yeah. That. It’s a crazy and scary moment when you realize that you’ve finally reached the point where if you don’t let go, you’re just going to go backward.
I may hate change, but I’m starting to realize that without change, you’re just selling yourself short.


3 thoughts on “Change

  1. 1) You're welcome for lending you The Fray's second CD and I too ADORE them as you know. ;)2) I love you, letting go of people sucks especially if it means change but you'll get through it and you'll be a better person coming out of it. ❤ ❤ ❤

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